Ortega y Gassset Projects is an artist-run curatorial collective and exhibition space in Gowanus, Brooklyn. We are committed artists first and foremost. We creatively and efficiently find ways to keep our space in existence but it is not easy. We have all made personal and professional sacrifices that have impacted our lives because we believe in the space, each other and our mission. We believe in the necessity of art and we believe in the community of artists, thinkers and people devoted to promoting and engaging in dialogue. If you are in a position to support Ortega y Gasset Projects, please do so. Any kind of donation is valuable. $5 helps us pay for napkins at an opening. $100 helps us mail work back to artists after the show, and pay interns. $1000 helps us pay rent and allows us to continue to provide thought provoking and engaging exhibitions. If you are in a position to donate more, please contact us about becoming Silent Members. Silent Membership comes with a few distinct benefits (like owning a piece of one of our artworks!). We have an incredible list of supporters already. Generous support from Kathryn Lofton and Lauren F. Adams helps with OyG’s operational needs. In the past years supporters also included Marcel Campbell, Clare Britt, Fritz Horstman and Diane Karp. This support helps us fund the Ortega y Gasset Internship stipend program. Previous and current recipients include: Kemar Hutchinson, Hannah Schutzengel (2016-17); Hayley Anderson, Julia Ribeiro, Kaini Zhou (2015-16); Amy Stober, Megan Heckmann (2015-14); Netta Sadovsky, Alex Zandi and Kaini Zhou (2013-14).

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