LAUREN ADAMS: The Last Pineapple

LAUREN ADAMS: The Last Pineapple

Pole Saw

A group exhibition of the members of Ortega y Gasset Projects and the Arctic Circle Artists-in-Residence

June 10 – 29, 2016
Opening June 18 at 6pm CET

Aboard the Atlantis off the coast of Svalbard, Norway

Fritz Horstman is participating in the Arctic Circle Residency, sailing with twenty-four other artists around the arctic archipelago of Svalbard for three weeks in June. OyG members Lauren Adams, Eleanna Anagnos, Catherine Haggarty, Eric Hibit, Will Hutnick, Leeza Meksin, Sarah Rushford, Zahar Vaks, and Sheilah Wilson (in collaboration with Dani Leventhal and Jeffry Mitchell) have sent small artworks with Fritz to the arctic, where he will curate a series of exhibitions, including work by other artists-in-residence aboard the ship. Fritz will be entirely off the internet for the duration of the exhibition. Images of Pole Saw will be published in July.

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