PASS / FAIL with Panel Discussion Saturday, May 14, 4-6PM


curated by Will Hutnick

Adam Ekberg, Robert Otto Epstein, Leif Low-Beer,
Erin O’Keefe, Gabrielle Roth, Megan Stroech and Denise Treizman

April 15 – May 15, 2016
Friday, April 15, 6 – 10pm

Participating Artists: Adam Ekberg, Erin O’Keefe, Dorian Rolston and Gabrielle Roth with moderator Vince Contarino

“Lately I’ve been getting interested in creation. There’s the magic of the thing, sure, that’s all of a sudden there, shimmering and strange, so newfangled, undreamed of, seemingly and in fact actually until this very moment impossible. And there’s the paradox of that magic, too, spinning your head from the thing created, which never existed, round to the materials it was created from, which always did, and back to the thing, once separate from the world, back round to the materials, once the world itself, and so on…”
– Dorian Rolston, FROM NOTHING

When I asked Dorian if we could use some of his words here, I wasn’t thinking much more than that epigraphic thing above, just a little something on creation. I would’ve been perfectly happy with that, really, the opening to his unfinished FROM NOTHING as the opening to the press release for the opening of the exhibition-to-be PASS / FAIL. There was a nice symmetry to it, all these works in progress working in progress together, and so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect—a sudden discord in the harmony, an off note, I feared—when he began writing what follows as well. I had absolutely no idea he’d try to pass himself off as me, going on about how pleased Ortega y Gasset Projects is to announce PASS / FAIL, a group exhibition featuring the works of Adam Ekberg, Leif Low-Beer, Erin O’Keefe, Robert Otto Epstein, Gabrielle Roth, Megan Stroech and Denise Treizman that…or something.

To be sure, these impersonations weren’t always perfect, and I found myself bristling when I—or he—didn’t sound like me, not so much because he—or I—was breaking character but simply because there existed in someone’s—his—head the thought that that—this—was how I actually sounded, kind of like when you hear yourself on your own answering machine greeting. Hi, you’ve reached Will Hutnick, you might hear, and what a barefaced lie, when you think about it, because if you’re Will Hutnick you can’t possibly have reached Will Hutnick, Will Hutnick being the one doing the reaching and this, this thing he’s reached, is a recording. Which is kind of the point: the countless times you tried to … more

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